International Consignments

International Consignments

Enjoy the freedom of doing business in any part of the world at anytime

Safe Transport are your trusted partner, wherein you can choose a wide array of International Services to suit any size freight and packages around the world.

Whatever the International collection or delivery that it is you need to make anywhere in the World, then Safe Transport are your trusted carrier. Our network is composed of people and vehicles that are ready to achieve this globally, at a moment's notice.

We take pride in offering the best value on every International shipment, wherever the destination or service level required.

We simply hold on to our goals of providing the best and easy International delivery experience, by offering a wide array of shipping services and delivery options from Sameday Road Delivery, Air, Sea and Rail.

From International Abnormal Freight, Containers, Parcels and Letters, we've got it covered. Safe Transport understands every aspect of International Shipping to and from all destinations around the globe. Our staff has a complete understanding of the customs regulations and rules and can help assist you throughout this process.

Shipping a certain type of freight is a time-consuming task, our team can undertake this required element on your behalf. Ensuring the processing, collecting and shipping is made as easy as possible for our clients.

Our Internationally Delivery Services are tailored to meet your demands 24/7, 365. The best thing about us, is that we offer timesaving support for your business needs. The next time that you require a shipment to dispatched Internationally, let our experts handle it.

Through our expanded geographical coverage and unprecedented flexibility, you are most assured of an excellent International Delivery Service.